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Ale is sometimes defined as any beer other than a lager, stout or porter. Others define it as a beer brewed by top fermentation and some see it as a beer made without the addition of hops so where do we start when we try to classify what is and what isn’t an Ale?

To confuse things further we keep our classifications fairly loose as we feel that, although they are by definition an IPA, beers such as Greene King IPA and Proper Job from St Austell are better placed alongside Boddington’s and Old Speckled Hen than alongside the noisy kids at Brewdog

In any case, there’s lots to choose from, lots to discover and enjoy, so please do…

A little more about our Ales

Widgets have done a lot to drinking ale at home over the years as the allow micro-bubbles to permeate the can upon opening. Boddington’s and John Smith’s are two great examples giving you a perfect smooth pour every time

Some don’t need it though and beers such as Caffrey’s Irish Ale, Old Speckled Hen or Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing (USA) rely on the flavours and maltiness to deliver an all round great drinking experience

Yes, it’s weather dependent and tastes better in the warmer months but choosing and drinking ale is a custom that’s not going any where anytime soon

How to Drink Ale

Best drank at or just above room temperature. Use a tankard or a pint glass and allow the head to settle on top if necessary.

For food pairings ale is best enjoyed alongside big, intense dishes such as roast beef, lamb or game




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