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Nothing quite says summer time like a refreshing glass of tasty bittersweet cider. From Hazy to Scrumpy we stock ciders from the UK, Ireland as well  right here in Switzerland. We’ll deliver to you front door in under 24 hours so you’ll never have to wait long for your favourite thirst quencher

A little more about our Cider

When it comes to great cider it’s all about the apples right? Well look no further than local vineyard, Les Fancous, a wine producer, who also turn their apples into the bitter sweet  delicacy that is Swidre. It’s local, low-cal, vegan friendly and super tasty

As well as local we import 2 great ciders from Hereford; Stowford Press and Henry Weston’s. We also have nice range from Thatcher’s including Thatcher’s Haze and Thatcher’s Vintage. And no modern day cider selection would be complete without the Original Irish Cider from Magner’s

The Best Ways to Drink Cider

With no head to worry about there are several options for glassware when it comes to serving cider. One thing that is important is to make sure is is big enough to to give it a good swirl to allow for proper aeration. Serve chilled or on ice. Poor, sip, swirl, relax…

As far of food pairing, the tartness and sweetness of cider means it works well alongside creamy dishes like a risotto or a creamy pasta dish but can also hold its own alongside a Roast chicken dinner or cheese course. Bon appetit!




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