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You either know all about the explosion in popularity of IPA beers over the last few years or you’ve been hiding under a rock. Either way, IPA is here to stay and as a style of beer and as craft breweries hone their skills the product keeps getting better and better

Small breweries have understood that there is so much variety on the IPA spectrum that there really is something for everyone. The range of hops available to breweries means they can mix and match flavour profiles, bitterness and mouthfeel to make some pretty amazing beers

A little more about our IPAs

Always on the lookout for new and interesting beers make sure you keep checking in to see what’s new in stock here at Beerfarm

We try and cover all styles of IPA including New England IPA, Tropical IPA, Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs as well as some fantastic options from Belgium, England and Germany. To keep things simple we offer a Discovery 12 pack which if you haven’t indulged before is well worth it to figure out which ones you like more than others. If you love this style of beer or are just curious you’ve found a great place to shop around




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