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Wow what a drink a well crafted lager is ! As a style of beer it seems like it has come under a lot of pressure recently but who can argue with clean, crisp chilled bottle of blonde beer?

Of course lager contains styles various styles under its umbrella from a Belgian Pilsner, A German Munchner Helles to a classic Bock beers. There’s even a place on the shelves for American light beers and they all have their own subtleties but have one thing in common; great taste and  all-round drinkability.

A little more about our lagers

Clear body, nice bubbles and a crisp, fresh taste with subtle notes of malts is what we’re looking for when we choose lagers. Asahi Super Dry are certainly getting it right but you’ve have to take your hat off to the Germans who have been churning out world class Helles for several decades now.

We have a special mentions to the Biere des Amis which is a little more about the malts than your standard lager and is pretty punchy at 5.8% but definitely worth a try as well as the pioneering Zepp from local boys, La Nebuleuse.


The Best way to drink lager

Cold! With less focus on the aromatics and flavour profile, lager is at its best when served from an ice bucket or from an ice cold fridge.

You can drink lager with lots of light foods but it also marries well with Asian or South Indian cuisine and there is literally nothing better to accompany a spicy Indian curry than the legendary Cobra Beer. Turn up the heat and wash it down with India’s finest




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