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What was sometimes frowned upon in previous years is now an interesting and vibrant category within beers; Non-Alc.  All the big breweries as well as some of the craft are putting time and consideration into non-alcoholic beers like never before.

The quality of the products has improved immensely as businesses have realised that the modern day consumer is drinking non alcoholic beers alongside or instead of the traditional variety. We have an interesting range and its certainly an area we would like to develop over time so if you have any recommendations, please get in touch

A little more about our non-alcoholic beers

One of the interesting developments is the variety of styles now available. Heieneken 0.0% and Warsteiner Fresh are standouts in terms of crisp lagers but other styles are available too. Insel do a great range which include a wet hopped Pilsner and a Sea Salt IPA whilst Tiny Rebel have come up with an absolute cracker of a Pale Ale called Party Hard

Designated driver, don’t  fancy the hangover or just going for the healthier option. This category is only going one direction and we aim to stay on it and get you the non alcoholic beer options out there delivered to you homes




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