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Sour beers are brewed using wild yeast and bacteria from the great outdoors. The results give an acidic, tart taste. Yes, it takes a little bit of getting used to and no, it’s not like drinking “normal beers” but some of the results are pretty amazing and the depth and range available now if vast

We stock a small but interesting range and have tried to mix it up with the traditional lambics or geuze from Belgium and Germany and some of the specialists from England and Scotland including Brewdog’s foray into this space with their Overworks beers

A little more about our Sour Beers

Take the plunge and add a Sour beer or two to your cart. It may not be your go-to beer of choice for the next ten years but it’s definitely worth a try. The breadth of flavours is impressive and they don’t fill you up like normal beer sometimes does. Someone who knows an awful lot more about beer trends than I do told me a few years ago that in 10 years we’d all be drinking sour beers and they’d be the new “IPA”. I’m not totally convinced by that and come to think of it that was about 10 years ago now but I do understand his sentiment.

If you’re going to indulge I would recommend Hybrid Henchman by Overworks or Coolship 2020 by the Wild beer Company.

Give it us ago and let us know what you think

The Best way to enjoy Sour Beers

If you’re new to sours try and choose one of the fruit gozes or geuze. The sweetness of the fruit will balance out the tartness.

As far as pairing with food, unlike most other beers, sours match with just about anything from grilled meats, hearty soups or even spicy Indian or Asian cuisine. Drink chilled.




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