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Straying slightly from our 2 main categories of Local and New World Wine we’ve added a new category to our wine selection so we can showcase a great selection of organic wine producers who are plying their trade making nature, ecology and biodiversity a priority.

No sulphur dioxide, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Just great wine!

A little more about our Organic wine

We’re still learning about Organic wines. Between us, it came a little bit out of the blue and it wasn’t an original priority for Beefarm but it is now.

We’re starting out with the exeptional Costieres de Nimes domaine; Chateau de Beaumont and we are loving working with these wines. They’re clean, smooth, full of rich flavours like all good Cotes du Rhone and in our opinion represent exeptional value.

What’s not to like about organic production? Its about giving back to nature, being aware of our ecological footprint and building production around these principles.

We hope to grow our organic wine section in the future and would love to expand our horizons to other areas of France as well as Spain and Italy. Watch this space…




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